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Hi! I’m a comedian and writer in NYC

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I write for TV, print, stage and this website

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About Me

I’m British, Indian and American – which feels like a pretty unique way of being screwed.

I recently became a US citizen. To become an American, all I had to do was take out $100,000 in student loans.

I created and host America First? a late night talk show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

America First? uses comedy to explore overseas solutions to America‚Äôs economic issues. 

It’s a show that makes public policy fun again. Other countries have figured out the answers – we just need to steal them by pretending they’re Native American land!

Here’s a clip from a show about why rent in Tokyo is so much cheaper than New York:

See below for more clips from the show:

I also write comedy for newspapers. Here are some samples:

Trump has big plans for Independence Day but his original ideas were biggerThe Sydney Morning Herald

A view from the year 2030: what America looks like when Amazon takes over – The Independent

The silver lining of being quarantined during Ramadan – The New York Times

When Lord Voldemort got a makeover by appearing on Queer Eye – The Independent

For a super scary Halloween, take a look at Joe Biden’s healthcare plan and the trick-or-treaters round Jeff Bezos’ house – The Independent

Do you want to super-survive that? America’s response to coronavirus pandemic – The Independent

Jeff Bezos should not be Time’s 2030 Person of the Year – Medium

Trump called Putin to talk bounties on US troops – Medium

I was in Iraq when the U.S. assassinated Iran’s General Soleimani – The Independent

The British Ambassador called Trump ‘inept’, Trump was in denial – Medium

Republicans should be saving our country from Trump – The Independent

The Democratic Debates are on the WWE Network – The Independent

The Democratic Debates will be even more ridiculous than you thought – Yahoo! News

How do Democratic candidates stack up against Tory leadership hopefuls? – The Independent

When Trump discusses hereditary rule with the Queen of England – The Independent

Why Nancy Pelosi has been resisting calls for Trump’s impeachment – The Independent

A sneak peek at Trump’s point based immigration plan – The Independent

Don Jr faces a subpoena, so he’s hiding in his father’s tax returns – The Independent

A Very Liberal day in America – Glossy News

Stephen Moore withdraws from the race for Fed Chairman – The Independent

These are the jokes you were supposed to hear at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner – The Independent

What Julian Assange was really up to at the Ecuador Embassy – The Independent

Alabama’s abortion law may lead to unintended consequences – The Satirist

I’ve had a sneak peek at Trump’s tax returns – they’re everything you’d expect The Independent

Obamacare was OK but Trumpcare provides free cages for kids – The Independent

A sneak peak at the first Democratic Primary Debate – The Independent

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